Archival Museum The Salarjun Museum is the best museum in Hyderabad and two hours are not enough to view whole of Salarjung Museum collection. Apart from that if you are a history lover then you would love to check out Hyderabad Health museum and the Purani Haveli Nizam Museum.

Archival Museum is the other name for Andhra Pradesh State Archives and Research Institute. It has got its recognition from National Archives of India in 1962. The museum is existed from the creation of the Daftar e diwani in 1894 of the erstwhile Hyderabad State.

This museum houses the various historical documents and one I could remember is the records of Aurangabad regional headquarters of Mughal Empire. These are the priceless records and it includes 5000 documents depicting the Shahjahan period (1626 to 1658) and another 150,000 documents dated during the reign of Aurangzeb (1658 to 1708). These documents present the administrative world of Mughal Empire in India. Also it contains 1 million records belonging to the Hyderabad State and they record the political, administrative and socio-economic environment of Asaf Jhah dynasty. Also you could find some of the rare documents related to the Andhra Pradesh dated unknown. These documents were transferred from Madras Record office to the Andhra Pradesh Record office.

You can reach Andhra Pradesh State Archives and Research Institute at
112 P, R R Labs,
Hyderabad 500007
India – 27018320

On December - 2 - 2014

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