Bamboo & Grasses GardenDid you anywhere find Bamboo trees in the city around you? Hopefully you need to go to any nearby forest or plantation for bamboo to see them.

There is a dedicated Bamboo park located in the city of Hyderabad. The Bamboo & Grasses Garden is a small garden of located in Jubilee Hills locality of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Present in the area where the tall building rules the world and world moves fast, this garden makes a spot for the people to enjoy lovely evening walk or jogging or morning walk place.

Bamboo & Grasses Garden features lush green grass lands, blooming trees, flowerbeds and manicured lawns. It can be a cool picnic spot cum theme park which is located near the Food World at Jubilee Hills. Bamboo & Grasses Garden is the ideal place for the person who wants to spend some time in lap of nature.

Bamboo & Grasses Garden Bamboo & Grasses Garden Bamboo & Grasses Garden

The other attractions in this garden include playing area for kids which is must for children to play in open land. Provided with seating arrangements like stools and benches on different parts of this garden makes you to sit on it and have a lovely talk with your near and dear ones. This garden is the preferred choice for evening walk and morning jogging tracks for the people of Jubilee Hills.

Bamboo & Grasses Garden is open on all the days from 6 Am to 8 Pm. It’s among the few park in Hyderabad which is has free entry; the other with free entry is Public Garden. The closest bus stop is Food World Stop in Road No 36 of Jubilee Hills and the closest MMTS station is Ameerpet. APSRTS runs buses on this route at a good frequency.

Overall Bamboo & Grasses Garden is a point of interest for those local people who want to have a quick touch to nature & pure oxygen for you when they need it.

On August - 1 - 2014

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