Begumpet MosqueBegumpet Mosque is a mosque located in Hyderabad, India and it’s one of the marvelous mosques present in this part of the world. It well known for its architecture among the people. It’s also known by its other name as Jama Masjid Iqbal ud Dowla. The mosque is also known as the ‘mosque of the moors’ due to its unique Moorish style of architecture.

Begumpet Mosque was constructed in 1906 by the famous Sir Vicar-ul-Umra a Paigah after his return from Spain. He was very much inspired by the Cathedral-mosque of Cordoba of Spain. And it’s believed to be only mosque of its variant in India. It’s constructed in Spanish and Arab influenced Spanish style of architecture. Unlike various mosques have onion shaped central dome and onion top minarets; it has spires which gives mosque a church like apperance. The pointed main roof section has an octagonal shape. The mosque misses out courtyard. This mosque  can accommodate 3000 worshipers at once. This mosque is very well known and considered to be a landmark mosque of Secunderabad Muslim community.

The mosque resembles to Cordoba of Spain of the mosques situated in Spain. The mosque was a part of extensive estate belonging to Paigah nobles. The Paigah family has an important position in the Hyderabad State and even the Asaf Jahi kings respected them for their nobility.

Recently it was declared as a heritage site in Hyderabad by ASI and its consideration of UNESCO Asia Pacific merit.

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On February - 21 - 2014

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