Birla Science MuseumIf you are looking for science museum in Hyderabad you got to see Birla Science Museum because its only museum in Hyderabad dedicated to science. The Birla Science Museum started in 1990 depicts the achievement of India in the field of science & technology.

The museum has some real stuff which depicts that the science is also work outside of textbooks. The museum has four sections which are – Interactive Science Center is an entertainment point with beautiful science creations like optical illusions, musical harp, hologram boasting images of plants & faces, energy balls with a series of interconnecting loops, color mixer, & mirror tricks.

Once you are at the end of this section you will near the entrance of Archaeology centers also known as the Nirmala Birla Art Gallery. It has a lot of carving of stonework, slabs, and pillars, there is drawing and inscriptions on them, and it displays ancient looks. Through the end of this section there is entrance to the top floor where 160 million years old remains of dinosaur called ‘Kotasaurus Yamapalliensis’ is built whose excavation was found at Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh. The other remains like preserved eggs and plants, animals are kept. This ends third section and last section is ‘Window on Science’. This section deals with the people who went in the shuttles. Various pictures and diagrams showcase the science, universe, mysteries like black holes.
Birla Science Museum Birla Science Museum Birla Science Museum
Birla Science Museum Birla Science Museum Birla Science Museum

Birla Science Museum opens at 10.30 AM and is open till 8 PM, open on all days. The entry is restricted to paid viewer and you need to pay Rs 17 per head. The closest landmark is Birla Mandir and the nearest MMTS station is Lakdi-ka-pol. Birla Science Museum during certain times have science fair in which students from different part of Hyderabad school demonstrate their little know science ideas.

On May - 5 - 2014

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