Leonia Resort

Hyderabad being one of the five metropolitan cities in India, its equipped with world class resorts. Among those resorts the Pragati Resort, Dream Valley Resort, Aalankrita resort, Darling Cave resort and Leonia resort are name of the few very good resorts. The Leonia Resort is one of the finest resorts located in Hyderabad built with […]

Dhola ri Dhani

Resorts are popular and more liked by tourists than typical hotels as they usually offers a different kind of environment altogether. Vacation or a day off from the city life can be much enjoyed in resorts rather than visiting a roof over head hotel. With resorts a comfort is added to make it memorable. Dhola […]

Pragati Resort

There are many ways in which you can spend your money and time in and around the city of Hyderabad and everyone has their own choice and taste. For those who wants to have a chill out day away from the city life, for them a walk of 45 kms from the city center on […]