Temples and Places

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church is a holy church which comes under the Church of South India located in Hyderabad in the locality of Bolarum. Holy Trinity Church was constructed in the year 1847 with personal fund from Queen Victoria. It was constructed on the land which was donated to her by Nizam of Hyderabad. Initially when […]

Toli Masjid

One of the most beautiful and the oldest monument to watch out for is Mecca Masjid though Toli Masjid can also be a place to watch out for. Toli Masjid is rare point of interest and has mostly Muslim visitors because it’s a religious place. Sultan Abdullah built it in the year 1671 by architect […]

Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Temple

Akkanna Madanna or the Akkanna Madanna Mahankali Mandiram is a Hindu temple located in Hyderabad, India. It’s a historic temple which was constructed in 17th Century situated in the old city locations of Hyderabad city. The devotees of Goddess Mahankali worship her with great faith and beliefs. There also exists a story behind the name […]

St Josephs cathedral

St. Joseph’s Cathedral is the names of the cathedral churches which are named for Saint Joseph. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is located in Gun Foundry are of Hyderabad and it’s one of the must see cathedrals of Saint Joseph in India. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is dated back 115 years and was constructed in European architecture in […]

Sitaram Bagh Temple

Sitaram Bagh Temple or Seetharambagh temple is one of the oldest Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama and his wife Sita located in Mangalhat, Seetarambagh area of Hyderabad. Devotee Sri Puranmal Mahanandaroy in 1833 and its spread constructed it over an area of 25 acres. It was constructed during the regime of Qutub Shahi Kings. […]

Sri Ranga Natha Swamy Temple

Sri Ranga Natha Swamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Sri Ranga Natha Swamy located in Gachibowli locality of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It’s built in South Indian architectural style and it’s among the sacred temples of Sri Ranganatha. Sri Ranga Natha Swamy is a famous God mostly worshiped in South India which is […]

Rama Krishna Math

Rama Krishna Math is a monastical place setup by Swami Vivekananda in order to teach people to follow the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna who was a famous mystic of 19th Century hailed from India. His religious teachings led to formation of Ramakrishna Mission. There are several Ramakrishna Missions branches setup all over India by their […]

Ujjaini Mahankali Temple

The Ujjaini Mahankali Temple located at Secunderabad is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Goddess Mahankali. It’s one of the oldest and famous temple estimated to be 200 years old. Its identified as one of the top significant temple within the twin cities. Ujjaini Mahankali Temple was constructed in 1815 AD under the guidance of Shri […]


ISKON Organization has constructed many ISKCON temples in the major towns and cities of India and the primary deity being the Lord Krishna. There exists ‘Iskon Temple’ in Hyderabad too at Nampally locality. ISKON temple is located at Nampally in Hyderabad and another one can be found at Maredpally, a minor one. Its finds thousands […]

Peddamma Temple

Peddamma Temple is a Hindu temple located at center of concrete buildings at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh state of India. Peddamma Temple is thousand years old temple as per the legends records. The main deity is the Goddess Laxmi sitting on simha vahanam (Lion) as Santhan Laxmi. The temple is constructed in typical […]