Chote Hazrat Ki DargahAmong the religious places for Muslims in Hyderabad, Chote Hazrat ki Dargah Masjid is a most visited place. Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah is a pilgrimage center for Muslims located in Devan Devadi, Hyderabad, India. It’s a mortuary constructed in the memory of Hazrat Ali the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad. As Ramzan is celebrated in grand style in Hyderabad, a large number of Muslims visit here and offer prayers during the eight and tenth day of Muharram.

Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah is among those monuments of Hyderabad which has retained its rich religious tradition from years. It was constructed during the period of Qutub Shahi kingdom and clearly reflects the Asif Jahis architecture. In order to reach the Dargah you need to climb 400 steps in a row.

Stories believing that Yakoob, a worker in the court of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah saw Hazrat Ali sitting on the top of the hill in his dream. The next day he went on the hill, he finally saw the impressions of Hazrat Ali on a stone, and he then installed it as a shrine. Ibrahim Shah then constructed a mosque close to the Dargah. Many Muslims devotees believes that Chote Hazrat has something miraculous power which can convert impossible into possible with his blessings through prayers.
Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah
Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah

Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah is open all the time for the worshipers. To reach Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah one has to reach Salarjung Complex near Devan Devdi. The closest bus stop is Afzalgunj and the closest MMTS station is Malakpet.

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