Cinema GharThe Cinema Ghar is a unique and non-commercial museum built in the rocky terrain areas in Banjara Hills of Hyderabad. The Road No 12 of Banjara Hills has special things along the route. The Cinema Ghar Museum building is the store house of M F Hussain’s old and new works. So if you are an art and painting lover than this place is for you.

We go through Cinema Ghar with huge collection of the #1 Indian artist in easy forms of suites. The Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta suites are on the first floor. In between Delhi and Kolkatta suites you will find a library with diverse collection of books. It contains books ranging from Indian Cinema and painting, the place is a treat. The Mumbai suite has some interesting furniture designs painted by the great M F Hussain. The every painting present here has something to say.

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If you are looking to purchase paintings, postcards and books of M F Hussain then you need to go to Paris Suite. The second floor showcases the Hussain early days works. Among those paintings one includes four faces of Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi’s photo in oils.

Down in the ground floor we have a mini theatre named as Soundarya Talkies. It’s so small that it has a seating capacity of only 150 peoples. The Hussain’s films are sometimes screened here. It’s equipped with Dolby Sound and DTS system.

Cinema Ghar Timings

This lovely guided tour on appointment basis is given by Najma Hussain, the daughter in law. This guide is on work for 90 minutes with you on Fridays at 11 Am and on Sundays at 4 Pm. The Cinema Ghar is open to the general public from Friday to Sunday from 11 Am to 7 Pm. Moving from Punjagutta towards Banjara Hills, after Taj Krishna you will find it. It was established in 1999 and the closest bus stop is Filmnagar with closest MMTS station being Nature Cure Hospital.

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