Dhola ri DhaniResorts are popular and more liked by tourists than typical hotels as they usually offers a different kind of environment altogether. Vacation or a day off from the city life can be much enjoyed in resorts rather than visiting a roof over head hotel. With resorts a comfort is added to make it memorable.

Dhola ri Dhani is an ethnic Rajasthani styled resort located in Hyderabad. With location not far away from the city, just 11 kms from the city centre makes it’s a busiest point of interest. It’s located on the Medchal highway (National Highway 7) at Kompally. The design and style in which Dhola ri Dhani is constructed, it offers visitors to experience the culture of Rajasthan without even you need to visit Rajasthan.

The construction of Dhola ri Dhani is done keeping the idea of rajasthani village in mind to provide ancient Indian charm. Once on visits here, they get lovely camel rides, see puppet shows, see the authentic rajasthani folk dance and restaurants here provides rajasthani cuisines too. It was started in 1997 and since then it has transformed into a major point of interest in Hyderabad.

The official site of their says you would find ambience but it’s hard to find when you have large public on public holiday. There are many engineering colleges in and around Kompally or Medchal area you on working days you would find almost students bunking their classes and enjoy the nearby point of interest.

There are many activities that you can do in Dhola ri Dhani. It includes entertainment and cultural activities mostly rajasthani folks, rain dance, disco, swimming pool, astrology and different rides. Since the Rajasthani Maharajas were lover of hookahs, a hookah zone is includes for the lovers of hookahs and try out various flavors in strawberries and pineapple.

Also there is an open air theatre named Ghumar Jhumar which is built in stage and can accommodate approximately 500 people. This can be used for seminars, ceremonies and cultural plays.

The following are the food courts in the Dhola ri Dhani –

Maan Manuhar Restaurant :

When you are in place of Rajasthan you would expect Rajasthani restaurant. Maan Manuhar restaurant is a typical rajasthani restaurant serving the food that you love. This restaurant supports 70 to 100 people for dining with pure vegetarian food.

Athithi Restaurant :

Athithi is another restaurant in Dhola ri Dhani which serves all the vegetarian food. This is more used by the people who visit here for one day. Its reasonable than the Maan Manuhar restaurant which is used by people who have booked cottages or rooms.

Sangri Restaurant :

Unlike above both restaurants the Sangri restaurant is serves buffet. It provides 100 people seating altogether.

Dhola ri Dhani Packages

There are various packages available with different price tag attached to it and its nomenclature. It broadly divided into –

  • Picnic package
  • Kitty party
  • Corporate package
  • Honeymoon packages

For price you need to look into official site of theirs.

Dhola ri Dhani Timings

Its open from 10.30 AM in the morning till midnight 10 PM. Though there are separated charges for the users based they are mentioned in the below section.

Dhola ri Dhani Entry Fees

Dhola ri Dhani has different entry fees, which is classified as –

For morning times i.e., from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Only entry for adult : Rs 50/-
Children up to 10 years : free

For entry ticket with buffet lunch
Adult : Rs 300
Children up to 10 years : Rs 100 + tax

Evening timings only entry
For adult : Rs 100
For children up to 10 years free

For entry and also with dinner
For adult : Rs 350
For children up to 10 years : Rs 100 + tax

And for discotheque : Rs 25/ per hour
For swimming pool : Rs 40/ per hour

The entire tariff includes the following complimentary –

  • Welcome Drink
  • Puppet Show
  • Magic Show
  • All Joy rides (Camel, Horse & Boating)
  • Mini Jeep
  • Mini Train and Rajasthani Folk Songs & Dances
  • Laughing House

Dhola ri Dhani Pictures

Some of the photos of Dhola ri Dhani are here –

The address is Dhola ri Dhani
Kompally, Medchal Road,
R.R. Dist.,
Andhra Pradesh

The Google Maps location is –

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