Gyan Bagh PalaceApart from the Nizam kings, there aren’t many other palaces of Jhagirdhars and other landlords. Among the palaces other than Nizam’s owned palaces the palace of Gyan Bagh owned by Dhanraj Gir was maintained on well high in competition to Nizam’s.

Gyan Bagh Palace

Gyan Bagh Palace was built in the middle of the 19th century. Gyan Bagh Palace is also known by its other names as Dhanraj Mahal. Dhanraj was a highly reputated nineteenth century merchant and philanthropists.

Gyan Bagh Palace is built in European style of architecture and it still preserves the original beauty of it. It is perhaps among those few palaces in the city which retains its old glory. It has two palatial structures of white marble connected through the colonnade at the center.  As usual, it has two courtyards with gardens, on located on the front of the main building and other between the two buildings.

The Dhanraj Mahal was one of the most expensive commercial complex every built in not only in Hyderabad but in India till 1950s. It is also considered to be the best maintained palace in Hyderabad. Closer to it we have Bagiam Palace.

How to Reach

Gyan Bagh Palace is located on the path between Goshamahal- Mangalghat Road near the Aghapura bus stop. If anyone looking to visit this you can take the assistance of this Google Maps address location –

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On February - 24 - 2014

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