Hill Fort PalaceHistory of Hyderabad state and the rule of royal kings like the Nizams and Qutub Shahi kings has left Hyderabad with historical monuments although their rule have ended. Monuments like Charminar, Salar Jung Museum, Golconda Fort, Toli Masjid and through various other palace likes Chowmahalla Palace, Falaknuma Palace, Bella Vista, Paigah Palace, King Kothi Palace, Basheer Bagh Palace and the Hill Fort Palace are the known places which shows the beauty of Hyderabad.

Hill Fort Palace is a royal palace of the Nizam king situated in Hyderabad. This was the place where the younger son of the last Nizam Moazzam Jah (Junior Prince) stayed and enjoyed his life.

The Hill Fort Palace was completed in 1915 by Sir Nizamat Jung and during those times this palace was situated near the Bella Vista Palace, both providing a better look at the Hussain Sagar Lake. This palace was constructed in an Islamic style of architecture and provides a royal stay. The architectural style of it was based on the Trinity College in Cambridge where he studied and lived his student life. He lived there for 15 years and after a visit to Mecca after his retirement in 1929 he decided to sell the property to Nizam in order to live a simple life. Sir Nizamat just took the nominal price for the building. Then the Hill Fort Palace was allocated to Junior Prince has his official residence and lived there along with his wife Princess Niloufer.

Talking about the the young Prince, he used to live happy live and he held his court at night. He was a great lover of poet and he used to arrange mehfil throughout the night. The eldest son of Nizam VII, Prince Azam Jah lived in nearby Bella Vista Palace and the younger son chosen to stay at Hill Fort Palace .Both the palace were bought by the Nizam king.

The Hill Fort Palace was converted to a hotel under the Ritz group of hotels and it was in terms of lease contract which was terminated in 1989. After that after fighting for many cases in the court, government got the palace in 1997 and then they decided to convert the palace into a Heritage hotel and it continues till date. The developers are planning to get a LEED India Green Building Certification for the development work in this historical building which would complete 100 years very soon.

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