HyderabadThe Hyderabad city was established by the Sultans of Golconda i.e., Muhamad Quli Qutab Shah in 1591. The Muhamad Quli Qutab Shah developed this city as the center of Islamic culture. The city matched with sculptures and arts of the Mughal cities like Agar, Delhi located in North.

In past the Hyderabad was the global center known for the trade of diamonds and pearls and so the city is also know by its other name as Pearl city.

The theories explaining the origin of Hyderabad name differs. According to myth, Muhammad Quli Qutub sha fell in love and married nautch dancer Bhagmathi and so the city is also known by another name as Bhagyanagaram. Also theory says the city was named after the fourth Caliph Hyder.

Archaeologists accordingly ages the city dated back to 500 BC. The region was first ruled by the Chalukya dynasty and when it was divided it can under the reign of Kakatiya dynasty. After that it was ruled by many Muslims dynasty till 1948. The Hyderabad State during the Nizam rule was one of the richest state during the British India rule. The Hyderabad city gone pass through the Buddhist monasteries too.

When India got independence in 1947, the Nizam king declared his intention to be independent and not merge with democratic India and so he signed Standstill agreement with Union of India. Then in 1948 Nizam joined the India and thus Hyderabad state was formed. Then on 1 November 1956, India states were reorganised and Hyderabad city was merged and became the capital city of new state Andhra Pradesh.

Since last two decades Hyderabad has emerged as the hub of Information Technology.

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