Indira ParkIndira Park is located in the heart of twin cities, India. It’s located very adjacent to famous Hussain Sagar Lake. It’s named after the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and its among the oldest parks. It occupies an acre of 76 acres of lush green landscape. This park is famous for award winning rock garden which was designed by civic authorities of Hyderabad. This rock garden has an area of 2 acres and apart from this other recreational facilities were also planned. It contains a lake within the park with fresh cleaned water which also has the boating facilities. It also has a man made desert.

It’s a hot pick for the morning walkers and joggers. This park has been especially designed and landscaped keeping the natural plantations untouched. Indira Park is a lot used by people on Sundays as they relax from madding crown and city life. Sandalwood tresses are also spotted in the park for a better look of it.

The beauty of this park is also preserved through rose garden and other landscaping features. All in together can provide you an ideal location for outing with your family.
Indira Park Indira Park
Indira Park

The natural rock were in danger for the fast growing real estate in Hyderabad but the local commissioner here has a different plans altogether. He earlier succeeded to have a rock sanctuary in Shiparamam, Hyderabad. He wished to preserve them and thus constructed rock garden.

Of late it has been a place of agitations by societies. It operates from 8 AM to 9 PM and for morning walkers 5 Am to 8 Am. Its open on all the days and the price is Rs 5 for adults & Rs 1 for children. The closest bus stop is Indira Park bus stop and closes MMTS station is Necklace Road.

On April - 28 - 2014

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