janmashtamiThe two great epics of Hindu Ramayan and Mahabharta basically revolve around the avatar of god Vishnu in the form of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. For celebrating the birth of Lord Rama its Ram Navmi and Janmashtami marks the birth of Krishna.

Janmashtami is also known by different names such as Krishna Janmashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Sri Krishna Jayanthi which is a Hindu festival. It’s celebrated on the Ashtami tithi, the eight day of the Paksha month in Hindu calendar. In this part of the world, Janmashtami is not up to its extremes as it is seen in Maharastra and Gujrat states.

The rituals like Dahi Handi are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The handi is filled with buttermilk and its setup at a conventional height prior the event which is made up of clay pot. The play here is people form pyramid and the topmost person break the handi by hitting it with a blunt object mostly coconut.

Other than that some community observes Rasa lila and play dandiya and other folk dances to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. During the Janmashtami times the Iskon temple is full of visitors. Many people keep fasting and do puja till midnight.

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