Jubilee HallJubilee Hall is a royal palace and heritage site which was constructed during the rule of Mir Osman Ali Khan of the erstwhile Hyderabad State. The Jubilee Hall is considered as one of the architectural masterpieces of Hyderabad. The Jubilee Hall is a unique landmark of important phase of Hyderabad architectural heritage.

The Jubilee Hall was constructed in a Indo Persian style of architecture as the Mir Osman Ali Khan was loved the Persian architecture and he tried to blend it with the Indian style of architecture.

As you enter through the main entrance you would see an elgant facade clearly recognized to be built in onion shaped. At the center of the rectangular main hall a high stage of throne of Nizam was built in the shape of ‘Dastar’ of Nizam. This hall was used as the State’s Legislative Council for three decades before it moved to its present location. Still in the darbar hall you will find the works and painting of original 1936 adorning the building.

If you have to visit this palace then you shouldn’t miss out the pavilion in the internal courtyard which is worth visiting. Back to history of it. In 1937 during the silver jubilee coronation of HEH Nizam VII was held here.

As usual, Government use for their official purpose, the same case is with the Jubilee Hall. This is now used as the state conference hall for State Governments functions.


On September - 2 - 2014

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