King Kothi PalaceKing Kothi Palace is a royal palace located in Hyderabad where Osman Ali Khan the seventh ruler of Nizam of Hyderabad state used to live. It’s also known by its other name as Nazri Bagh Palace. It’s a mix of Hindu traditions with European touch of architecture.

King Kothi Palace was constructed by Kamal Khan and the Osman Ali Khan despite her father stay at Chowmahalla Palace, he lived at King Kothi Palace. This palace has three building and it’s divided into eastern half and western half.

Nizam used the eastern half for official purposes but now there is a state government hospital. The western half, also known as Nazri Bagh or Mubarak Mansion is still the private property of Nizam’s, it’s now walled as there are no takers for it and so it has remained in use for offices and hospitals.
King Kothi Palace King Kothi Palace King Kothi Palace

Inside the palace you can also spot a mosque by name Judi Mosque. Osman Ali Khan lived here until his last breath on February 24, 1967.

As the last wish him, his body was buried in the Judi mosque. To the east of Mubarak Mansion you will find Ghadial Gate, a gate with a clock.

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