Laad BazaarChoodi Bazaar or Laad Bazaar is one of the oldest and the most popular market for bangles located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It is precisely located on one of the four main roads which branches out from the famous Charminar monument. The name is derived from the word ‘laad’ which means lacquer which is the important material used to make popular bangles items. This market is in operation since the times of Qutb Shahis dynasty from 1500 century and the Nizams. There is strict no entry for cabs, cars and autos since this market has narrow streets, moreover this market can be best explored on foots.
Laad Bazaar Laad Bazaar
Laad Bazaar Laad Bazaar
Laad Bazaar

Laad Bazaar is a very old and popular for selling of bangles with Indian stuff. In fact any visit to the famous Charminar is incomplete unless you visit this market. For women, the experience can be rewarding and it could take a complete day for them to visit all the stores located across the kilometer-long stretch. The Indian unique stuffs that are available here are semi-precious stones, pearls, saris and low cost jewellery.

Indian market and bargaining is quite natural phenomena, the same trends goes follow in Laad Bazaar too. Shopkeepers they exaggerate the price of the material and in anticipation to make more. The most common beckon tactics are also seen on this busy streets of the market. South East of Laad Bazaar we have Chowmahalla Palace which is another worth see site. Laad Bazaar is open all the days and during the month of Ramzan it attracts the highest visitors and so during that month its open until midnight.

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