Lumbini FestivalIndia is all about various religions and various festivals. Festivals celebrations like Lumbini Festival and Deccan Festivals are held in Andhra Pradesh mostly. Lumbini festival is yearly festival held in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Lumbini festival is organized for three days in the first weekend of December month every calendar year. It’s generally held for the Buddhist heritage of Andhra Pradesh.

The festival is named after the birth place of the Gautam Buddha, the Lumbini located in Nepal being the Buddhist pilgrimage site. This festival celebration is the mark of significance of Buddhism religious and cultural heritage in the state. This festival is held for a period of three consecutive days and features various activities from teaching to other entertainment programs and Hyderabad choose Nagarjuna Sagar as the place suitable to celebrate this festival.

Lumbini Festival Lumbini Festival Lumbini Festival

This festival compromises of several varieties of cultural programs, sports events, food fairs and exhibitions, fashion shows and trekking. A session is also dedicated to the life and teachings of Gautam Buddha so that youngsters can learn about their religion, its importance and significance. The people who participate in this celebration have a great time seeing the unity with the principles of Buddhism. They feel that Lumbini festival is one ways to give homage to the greatness of Gautam Buddha and his teachings. They find themselves thousands of years back when the Buddhism was very popular in this part of the world. This festival attracts thousands of followers of Gautam Buddha for the celebration.

The center where it is held is located 200 kms from Hyderabad which is well connected with Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport (APRSTC) buses with quick frequency for transit.

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