MahashivratriThe Mahashivratri festival plays a significance in Hindu religion. The Mahashivratri festival is the worship of powerful God Shiva. This festival falls on the 14th day of Phagun month according to Hindu calender and same thing as per English calender this festival comes in February or March every year.

When you come to Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad, the Mahashivratri is celebrated with joy and affection towards Lord Shiva. During the Mahashivratri festival in Hyderabad the devotees observe day and night fast without eating anything and they are seen giving sacred bath to Shiva Linga with honey, milk and curd etc.,. Its considered to be auspicious to worship Lord Shiva on this day as its believed that Lord Shiva will absolve the devotees past sins.

There exists various legends of Shivaratri celebrations. According to many this is the wedding day of Lord Shiva with Parvati. Its also belived that Lord Shiva has danced of primal creation, preservation and destruction on the night of Shivaratri.

The famous Lord Shiva temple are Keesara temple and the people from Hyderabad drive their vehicles to Keesarguta on the outskirts of the city on this day.

On December - 5 - 2014

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