Moulali DargahAs you approach The Moula Ali area of Hyderabad you will easily notice Maula Ali Dargah constructed on a hill rock. Maula Ali Dargah, said to be more than 450 years old dargah was constructed in the memory of Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad. It was constructed by Asif Jahis kings.

Among its legends Yakoob a part of the court in the office of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah was on to this hill and he saw Hazrat Ali seated on it in his dreams and the next day he went to the hill. He was surprised to see the palm impressions of Hazrat Ali on stone and he did cut out that and installed it in a shrine. Finally he went to his court for work and informed this about to Ibrahim Shah who later constructed a mosque beside this dargah.

You can easily locate this hill rock from 10 km distance and the Heritage Conservation Committee of HUDA has identified this dargah as one of the heritage sites in Andhra Pradesh. To the comfort of the visitors, there is a long stairways to go up the hill and 400 steps upward will make you arrive at the Dargah.  At the foot of the dargah people are commonly greeted by a priest chanting hymns and as you climb the steps you would be loved by the beauty of this rock formation. The panoramic view of the city of Hyderabad from the top of the hill is amazing. Now the Moula Ali Dargah has no mortal remains and has very less visitors.

Some pictures of Maula Ali Dargah are here –
Moulali Dargah Moulali Dargah Moulali Dargah Moulali Dargah

Once can reach Maula Ali Dargah in very easy way. The stairs are located just half a km away from Moulali bus top. The Moula Ali is located opposite road of Osmania University lane at Tarnaka Cross Roads. The distance from Secunderabad is 10 kms to the Moula Ali Dargah. The people who are in religious places search can visit this dargah.

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