Monsieur Raymond's TombMonsieur Raymond’s Tomb is the tomb of Monsieur Raymond for his bravery, love and affection to Hyderabad in Hyderabad. This historic tomb is located in Mosrambagh area and the name of area where its located has very close resemblance with this tomb, the truth of origin which most of the people doesn’t know.

The tomb is 15 feet’s in height black granite monument and it has the prescribed initials as JR on it. Noticed at the foot of the tomb lies a Grecian styled pavilion which is the house of graves of his family. In the near vicinity lies the monument of his faithful dog and horse.

Monsieur Raymond’s Tomb is the tale of individual whose love for Hyderabad led him to stay here for his lifetime. He hailed from France and traveled to India to become merchant like his father but his fate has some other plans for him. He joined the French forces in Pondicherry in fighting the British. The role of Raymond in French victories brought him in to the notice of Nizam of Hyderabad and he then joined the forces of Nizam’s in 1786. Raymond rapidly became a trusted aide for the Nizams and he was given a crucial position in the Ordinance. He established Gundfoundry for revolutionize the artillery of the army. Under his guidance, the Nizam’s army became of the most formidable army in the entire region.

Though he was a man made for battles and blood, he was more than that and has abilities of being a good and kind man who never looked down. He started loving Hyderabad and people of Hyderabad too recognized his bravery and contributions. For Muslims he was Musa Rahim and to the Hindus he was Musa Ram. He soon became a close friend of the second Asif Jah, Nizam Ali Khan.
He died at an early age of 43 and he was deeply mourned by all. The Nizam had a special memorial erected for him on the top of a hill in nearby Dilsukhnagar area. But the ultimate tribute to him arrived when the people renamed the area surrounding the tomb as Mosrambagh.

The tomb got a makeover in April 2003 and an open air theater around the Grecian pavilion was constructed .There are rounds qawwali held here in the evening yearly. This point of interest was very thin amount of visitors even after the renovation.
The story of Michel Raymond tombs has lost and people don’t even remember it. A well-loved albeit is less known now.

Monsieur Raymond's Tomb Monsieur Raymond's Tomb Monsieur Raymond's Tomb

How to Reach

From Disukhnagar take the road leading towards Malakpet and just after crossing Dilsukhnagar you would find these old and unseen monuments. You have to ask local people here and most of them might not be aware of it, but its clearly visible exactly opposite to Konark Diagnostic Center in Dilsukhnagar.

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