muharramMuharram is actually the first month of Islamic calendar and it’s a 10 days festival. It starts from the day 1 of new calendar year and the event marks the anniversary of Battle of Karbala where the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, Imam Hussain bin Ali was killed by the forces of Umayad Caliph Yazid after 10 days battled against the armed forces. The Shia Muslims worship this festival in different way by wearing the black clothes as black color is regarded as the color of mourning.

The Muharram is followed in all parts of Andhra Pradesh and this festival primarily involves mourning’s session. In Hyderabad this starts with the occurrence of new moon and it goes till the 10 days. Drum beating is a common scene followed by the worshipers and ardent followers beat themselves with chains to express their pain over the death of Hussain.

This festival not only shows the loss of Hussain but also shows the passionate dedication of shia and sunni followers who takes all the pain for the death of Hazrat Mohammad.

On October - 15 - 2014

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