NayaPulNayapul in a bridge located over the river Musi in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It was constructed in 18th century by the Nizams of Hyderabad. Nayapul got its names in contrast with the Purana Pul. Purana Pul was constructed by Qutub Shahi in the 16th century on the river of Musi. Naya means ‘New’ in Hindi and Pul means ‘bridge’ so it did mean new bridge in contract with the old bridge got the name Purana Pul.

Nayapul is a major shopping center for the people in the Hyderabad old city. It lies very close to Madina area and Nayapul has been a place for what Hyderabad is famous for. There are some popular Hyderabad restaurants like Naayab Hotel, Hotel Madina and Shaadaab Hotel.

Nayapul is very close to the historic Charminar of Hyderabad. The famous places located in Nayapul are Salar Jung Museum and AfzalGunj Mosque. It’s located South of Afzalgunj bus stop and connects the Nayapul road connecting Charminar. By standing over Nayapul you can have a splendid view of High Court and Osmania General Hospital. It also provided a splendid sunset view too. Nayapul Bridge is always full with traffic all the day and the glittery is seen during the days of Ramadan.

NayaPul Osmania Hospital View from Nayapul

To the reach Nayapul Bridge, the closest MMTS railway station is Nampally and the closest bus station is Afzalgunj. For many years Nayapul has been landmark to the people of Hyderabad.


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