Necklace RoadNecklace Road is the passage adjoining the Hussain Sagar lake in the heart of the city of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Necklace road connects NTR Gardens to Sanjeevaiah Park. The name Necklace is derived because the road from Sanjivaiah park connects to Tank bund Road, which then connects to Lumini Park and NTR Gardens and thus forming a circle, appears in the shape of necklace as seen from the sky.

This passage is paid a lot of attention as it has beautiful lawns, gardens, recreational facilities and restaurants. People’s Plaza located on the roadside is an amazing center for reaction which is busy with exhibitions, music shows and live performances. With the restaurants like Eat Street and Water Front offerings more of buffets, cuisines and fast food. Along the stretch it has parks such as Jogi bear park, Sanjivaiah park and the famous Jalvihar. This boulevard is a frequent path for morning joggers and evening hangouts. Apart from that the famous Hyderabad 10K run is held every year on this road itself.

Necklace Road Necklace Road
Necklace Road Necklace Road

Along the stretch of this road we have NTR Gardens which is named after famous politician and super star NTR. Then we have Sanjeevaiah Park which is a site for young lovers to have romantic walks along the edge of the lake and this caused it to be given the nickname as ‘Lovers Park’.

At night, Necklace road becomes more colorful sight to look at, one can easily understand why its beautiful to travel on this road.The Necklace Road MMTS stations runs along with the Necklace road for almost 80% of the distance and provides a beautiful touch of the city.

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