Ocean Park Ocean Park is an amusement park located in Gandipet area of Hyderabad, India. Its one of the first theme park started in the twin cities and it continued to be great hit especially with the children. But its not just the young people who enjoyed but even adults can have a lot of fun here too and it has something or the other for various age group bar. Thus it makes a complete family amusement park which offers a mix of fun and thrills for the people.  Ocean Park is spread over on an area of 20 acres in Gandipet near the state famous CBIT engineering college which is 16 kms away from the city.

Though by the name one can clearly indicated that Ocean Park is all about water sports and water games but its more than that. In the water pool section you would get an swimming pool, water rideskidies pool, wave pool, water slides, dry rides like super loop, 60 feet high ride, bumping cars, slam bomb etc.,. You can now relive your child to play in the mini swimming pool made for children or you can romp with them amid of other various water bodies. For children, they can use Toy train, helicopters, huge air filled balloon, video games are available and for adults there is tora tora ride, single loop roller coaster and a ship that sails ship.

The following funs and rides can be used –

  • Wave Pool – Gives an amazing sensation of ocean waves.
  • Harakiri – Here in this the water will touch you with you yourself sliding down.
  • Aqua Snake – Here you would be sitting on an enclosed raft which takes several curves and drops you as you move down the tail of the snake.
  • Water Slide Complex – A division will provide you with Aqua glide, aqua trail, crazy crusade, zip zap loom water slides available.

Among all those my favorite is rain dance in which water comes from the ground with pressure, so it travels up in the air for a near height of 15 feet and then fall back. This make you feel like you are enjoying the rain and along with that music is played, so make it complete rain dance.

Ocean Park Ocean Park Ocean Park

When you are Ocean Park you don’t need to worry of your food. Through a restaurant here you can get good continental and South Indian taste available with reasonably fair enough prices to afford. Also they have a guest house inside by name Sagar Mahal.

Ocean Park Timings

Ocean Park is very well connected with the city through various means of transport. You can access it by APSRTC bus services, cabs or by another other means.  Its open from 11 Am to 8 Pm. It has an entry fee of Rs 200 per person and Rs 100 for Children.

On May - 28 - 2014

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