Parade GroundParade Ground is a military training and parade groud located in Secunderabad. Its under the control of Union Defence Ministry and it serves as the official event for various ceremonies and celebrations. The groud is also available for civilian purpose like cultural events, music launch, political parties rallies and other stage shows which require mass gathering which is controlled by Cantonment Board.

The Republic day parade and the Independence days are the two days when the Parade Ground is remembered. During these two days the Parade Ground receives mass gathering as the proceeding are held here from many years.

The Parade Ground has its own history as it exists from 17th century, at times where there was only St.Joseph’s Cathedral in Secunderabad with a distinctive name. After when India got its Independence for Britishers in 1948 it was renamed as “Parade Ground” as it was used for Republic Day parade on January 26 every year.

How to Reach

You can find Parade Ground at Patny X Road. It lies along with the Sardar Patel Road located in Secunderabad and most of the people here recognises it.

Here is the Google Maps location of the same –

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On June - 11 - 2014

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