PT Reddy Museum of ArtPT Reddy Museum is an art museum which houses sculptures, paintings and graphics by late PT Reddy located in Hyderabad, India. It has more than 3,000 sculptures altogether.

Among the famous sculptures of PT Reddy includes Vishnu Chakra which is carved from wood with sawdust and sand covering makes it’s appear like a stone sculpture. Another wonderful sight to see here is the 156 paintings of Ganesha which are arranged in the panel of four and follows a meditated pattern of design. Among these 156 paintings there is one painting of Ganesha in the female form, not sure people would like it or not.

You would also see a series of paintings showing the landing of man on the moon. And then various paintings on still images, landscapes, mountains and sceneries are kept.

PT Reddy mostly stayed in Germany and some of his paintings were attempted to touching of Western and the eastern style. Such paintings are based on interpretation and there is no definite meaning or understanding of the same. The abstract graphics are also a mix breed of both the cultures.

The music is not open to the general public and you need to have an special appointment to go through this special work by P T Reddy.

The PT Reddy Art Museum is located in Narayanguda near the YMCA, Ratna Junior College. If you are coming from YMCA then come on the right side of the road and if coming from Chikadpally then you need to go straight, take a U turn and on the left side its located.

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