Purana PulPurana Pul is a bridge over river on the historic Musi River which still exists with perfect working condition. Purana Pul was constructed in 16th century during the rule of Qutub Shah’s. The connection between the Golconda and Hyderabad was hard because of Musi River which divides these two. So the Qutub Shah constructed bridge over the river for quick travel, however there was no name for it. In Hindi Purana means old and Pul means bridge, so in simple terms it means old bridge.

The name Purana Pul came in when it became 300 years old and reconstruction work of it started by Sikander Jah. At that time Naya Pul was constructed in 1820 to the East of it and people started referring by that name.

Purana Pul is cherished as one of the oldest landmarks of Hyderabad.  This bridge is 600 feet long with 35 feet broadness. Its 54 feet above the river bed and has 22 arches. There were few myths including the construction of this bridge. Accordingly to the sources this bridge was constructed to facilitate the travelers coming to Golconda for Diamond trade and other story is the love of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah with Bhagmati. Muhammad Qutub Shah was in love with Bhagmati a Hindu girl who lived on the other side of Musi River. After stepping on the throne as a king the love story became success.

There is a mosque called Mian Mishk Masjid very close to Purana Pul. The closest bus stop to it is High Court bus stop and the closest MMTS railway station is Afzalgunj.


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