Rukn ud Daula LakeRukn ud Daula Lake is a small lake located in Hyderabad, India not much popular nationwide. This lake was tribute to Nawab Rukn ud Daula and it was named after him. For those who don’t know Rukn ud Daula, he was the 10th Prime Minister of Nizam from 1765 to 1775 and enjoyed courtesy with Nizam kings Mir Akbar Ali Khan Sikander Jah and Asaf Jah III of Hyderabad State.

He was also the father of Mahalaqa Chanda who was the first women to publish a poetry book written in Urdu. The Rukn ud Daula Lake has its own importance and history. The water from this lake was used for drinking by the Nizam’s kings and their family who lived in Chowmahalla Palace. The water was filled in barrels which was carried to the Royal house on bull carts after it was sealed in the presence of Daruga (officer in charge for the inspection of food for the Royal families and their guests).

Rukn ud Daula Lake was large enough and it was spread over an acre of 104 acres. But over the few decades with the increase in population the lake shrunk day by day and even the water got polluted. Once the historic drinking water lake is now not even seen by the people. The area of the body is encroached by the private parties. The present condition of the lake is very worst and the name of Rukn ud Daula Lake is forgotten in the present era as the history of past.

The lake is located in Shivarampally area of Hyderabad where the famous Mir Alam Tank and Zoo Park is located.

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