Sanjeevaiah ParkHyderabad city is an amazing place for tourists’ recreation and attraction. Sanjeevaiah Park located on Necklace Road is one such popular tourist’s point of interest which is one of the most visited recreational parks.

Sanjeevaiah Park is a public garden located on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake on the Necklace Road. This park is named after the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh & President of India late Neelam Sanjiva Reddy. This park is under the management of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority. Its spread over an area of 99 acres with beautiful and rose gardens with multi-colored roses of high breed.

The most visited attraction in this park is the Rock Garden which consists of rocks which are different in sizes and shapes. After the formation of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority famously known as HMDA, it got a huge makeover.

It has won the Best Open Landscape Award during the 2010 Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage award presentations. The flora and fauna found around this park is quite excellent. More than 120 species resident and migratory birds can be found if you are lucky. Also you can find more than 20 species of butterflies and 20 species of insects in the park. Among the common birds you can find spot bills, common coot, purple herons, cranes,cattle egret, Ashy Prinia, golden oriole and jacanas.

Sanjeevaiah Park Sanjeevaiah Park Sanjeevaiah Park
Sanjeevaiah Park Sanjeevaiah Park Sanjeevaiah Park

The best sightseeing scene is the formation of Caribbean Trumpet trees which are very rare to find except in West Indies.

Sanjeevaiah Park is open from 8 Am to 7 Pm on all the days. The entry price is Rs 5 for adults, Rs 2 for children, and the options of monthly pass of Rs 50 or the yearly pass of Rs 500 per head. Reaching out Sanjeevaiah Park is quite easy because it’s located on Necklace Road which is a known place to everyone who lives in Hyderabad. The closest bus stop is Necklace Road and the closest MMTS station is Sanjeevaiah Park.

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