St. John's ChurchThe Christianity in India has not much population (just about 5 % of the people). The existence of the churches in India were due to the British rule. They constructed it as the worship point and thus Christianity came into lime light in India.

Among the churches in Hyderabad, the St. John’s Church is a popular and the oldest one. St. John’s Church located in Secunderabad is a Baptist church constructerd in 1813. The St. John’s Church is one of the oldest church in Secunderabad and Hyderabad. The church falls under the Church of South India denomination. Its spread over an short area of 5 acres.

The St. John’s Church has a cruciform shape. The electric lighting were installed in the year 1914 and fans were installed in 1918. There are marble steps at the entrance.

St. John’s Church Timings

St. John’s Church is located in Secunderabad near East Maredpally and plays holy communion in the morning 8 Am daily and on sund at 8.30 Am. The even songs are held are been played at 6.30 Pm.

Here is the Google Maps Location of the place –

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