Nizam MuseumThe Nizam’s Museum is an old museum located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Though it’s not a big point of interest like Salarjung Museum has but it has its own history collections associated with the royal ruler of Hyderabad kingdom and so it’s named Nizam’s museum.

The Nizam’s Museum is located backside of Purani Haveli. This place was acquired by second Nizam in the year 1750 and then he converted it into a museum for his huge collection of jeweleries. It was built 400 years back and it’s still standing strong. You wouldn’t be finding previous gone art of Nizam times as all the real art work have been selectively taken to Salarjung Museum. So Nizam Museum has no leftover items of Nizam time’s kings.

It was the first home for the family of Nizam’s that they had in the city. This palace has been preserved though much of the land around it has been re developed. Many of the building has been used by government for running educational institutions.

Among its rare collections it includes gifts and mementos present to the last Nizam on the occasion of silver jubilee celebrations in 1936 to mark the Haveli’s establishment day. For the art lovers there is interesting collection of blue-print models, made in silver of prominent monuments of the city which includes AP High Court, Osmania General Hospital, Salarjung Museum, Purani Haveli and the Central Library. There are citations in Urdu about the Mir Osman Ali Khan.

Nizam Museum Nizam Museum Nizam Museum Nizam Museum

It also depicts the marble made almirah and the bed, dining table made from white marble, writing table, few collections of letters and the manually operated lift and various other things.

The real minus of this place is the cleanliness and the maintenance of this place. This museum needs a little publicity as many local civilians too don’t know of its existence. The Nizam’s Museum is located . Its open from 9.30 Am to 4.30 Pm and its closed on Friday. The entry fee for adults is Rs 35 and for children is Rs 15. They allow photography inside but on payment. The closest bus stop is Purani Haveli stop for APSRTC bus services and the closest MMTS station is Dabirpura station.

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