Vikhar ManzilVikhar Manzil was built by Sir Vicar ul Umra who was the Prime Minister of Hyderabad from 1893 to 1901. During his rule he has made valuable contributions in the field of education and thus added engineering, law classes and Asafia library.

He belonged to Paigahs the noble family. He was amazed by Hussain Sagar lake by its amazing looks and thus he built Vikhar Manzil palace around it. It was built in Indo-European architectural style and it was completed in the year 1900. The stairecase path leads to a deep veranda. It has many rooms and all the doors were built using the Burma teak.

Sir Vicar ul Umra didn’t get the chance to live at this palace, but his son Nawab Vilayat jung Wali ud Daula made this as his home. Vikhar Building is now recognised as the heritage building by HUDA. During its time it has lot of area which could have been easily spotted from Begumpet Airport. Much of this area was sold to Government in 1950s and rest were encroached by Minicipal authorities. Its now known for all the wrong with urban planning and heritage conservation.

Vikhar Manzil is now presently located in Prakash Nagar locality of famous Begumpet area.

On August - 4 - 2014

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