Monsieur Raymond's Tomb

Monsieur Raymond’s Tomb is the tomb of Monsieur Raymond for his bravery, love and affection to Hyderabad in Hyderabad. This historic tomb is located in Mosrambagh area and the name of area where its located has very close resemblance with this tomb, the truth of origin which most of the people doesn’t know. The tomb […]

Guffa Restaurant

Certain people go with the regular things that do in life and few others try to explore new things. When you ask me, there is no excitment in going out with regular things and so I always try out for the new excitment in life. I have tried many restaurant in Hyderabad and apart from […]

Purana Pul

Purana Pul is a bridge over river on the historic Musi River which still exists with perfect working condition. Purana Pul was constructed in 16th century during the rule of Qutub Shah’s. The connection between the Golconda and Hyderabad was hard because of Musi River which divides these two. So the Qutub Shah constructed bridge […]

James Street Police Station

James Street Police Station is one of the heritages building in Hyderabad. You would be interesting to note that this is a police station.  This police station is named as Ramgopalpet Police station but that just the official name of it and most of the people known it by James Street Police station, moreover at […]

Qutub Shahi Tombs

Qutub Shahi dynasty were ruling the famous kingdom of Golconda in southern India from 1518 to 1687. The tombs of seven Qutub Shahi rulers is located in the Ibrahim Bagh which is located closer to Golconda fort. They lie about a kilometer north of outer perimeter fencing of Golconda fort’s. The seven kings whose tombs […]

Good Friday in Hyderabad

The Good Friday is a Christian festival which is primarily observed as the death day of Jesus Christ at Calvary. It’s celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. This festival is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday or the Easter Friday. Good Friday in Hyderabad Hyderabad having a mix of most of the religions […]

St. John's Church

The Christianity in India has not much population (just about 5 % of the people). The existence of the churches in India were due to the British rule. They constructed it as the worship point and thus Christianity came into lime light in India. Among the churches in Hyderabad, the St. John’s Church is a […]

Rajiv Gandhi Park

Rajiv Gandhi Park is a small park located in NGO’s colony area of Hyderabad, India. Its spread over an area of 5.5 acres and its serves a close to nature for the people who are living in the near vicinity. The park is so named after the late Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. […]

GMC Balayogi Athletic Stadium

GMC Balayogi Athletic Stadium is a sports stadium located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It has a capacity of 32,000 spectators. The memorable stadium was named in the memory of GMC Balayogi an speaker of Lok Sabha who died in the aeroplane crash. It was built as the venue for the 2003 Afro Asian Games which […]

Rukn ud Daula Lake

Rukn ud Daula Lake is a small lake located in Hyderabad, India not much popular nationwide. This lake was tribute to Nawab Rukn ud Daula and it was named after him. For those who don’t know Rukn ud Daula, he was the 10th Prime Minister of Nizam from 1765 to 1775 and enjoyed courtesy with […]