Bella VistaHyderabad has a lot of royal and historic kings palaces which are of tourists attractions. We have witness King Kothi Palace, Golconda Palace, Chowmoholla Palace, Falaknuma Palace. Bella Vista palace was constructed in 1910 and it was the royal palace of the Nizam’s located in Hyderabad.

It displays the Indo-European style and it was built by a French architect. Bella Vista means beautiful sight since it provided a wonderful overlook of Hussain Sagar lake, which is now not seen due to flyovers.

The Nizam kings who stayed here were Nawab Mir Himayat Ali Khan, Azam Jah Bahadur, Mir Osman Ali Khan and Prince of Berar.
Bella Vista Bella Vista Bella Vista

In 1956 Bella Vista became a state guest house after the formation of Andhra Pradesh state after the diminish of Nizam dynasty. It was then allocated to Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and now this college displays a similar looks as that of Henley on Thomas college in England. Since 1910 it has got many make overs and many repairs.

Bella Vista is spread over an area of 10 acres and it’s located at Saifabad locality of Hyderabad. The nearby MMTS railways station and bus station is Khairtabad. From Khairtabad X Road you can easily find Bella Vista on towards Punjagutta Road.

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