Bhongir FortBhongir Fort is located in Bhongir near the famous Yadagirigutta temple, in Nalgonda district near to Hyderabad. Its about 60 km away from Hyderabad city and a visit to this fort would give you calm breathe and natural air to you.

There are places everywhere which are relatively unknowns or unattractive because they are dedicated of their classes. Like in the same way forts and old monuments rarely receives visitors and one of the such monument which is rarely seen is the Bhongir Fort which is a hidden place to be explored when you have a visit to the traditional Yadagirigutta temple.

The Bhongir fort is an architectural design and its one of its kind with oval shape construction. It has two entry gates and it was built by Tri Bhuvana Malla Vikramaditya, as a result the fort was named as Tribhuvanagiri, after his name. Its also known by its another name as Bhuvana Hills.

The hill on which the Bhongir fort likes is 500 feet high from the sea level and the area of the hill is 40 acres. The fort was meant for signalling the invading armies and it has the unique egg shape construction with protection from the huge rocks. A moat surrounding this serves the preliminary line of defense. The fort has a underground chamber, trap doors and armory. These can be still seen when you visit the place and its astonishing for the visitors. The top of this fort provides an wonderful bird’s eye view of the surrounding area. So when you have such monuments there is always legend about it and the Bhongir fort is nevertheless. It had an underground passage that lead you till the Golconda Fort which is still not been discovered or proven.

Bhongir Fort Bhongir Fort Gyrocarpus americanus Tree without leaves at Bhongir fort Bhongir Fort Bhongir Fort Bhongir Fort Bhongir Fort Bhongir Fort

With the advent of guns and cannons it has reduced its strategic importance. The fort was also used by Bahmani Sultans and they renovated it and gave an Islamic touch to it. Later when Qutub Shahi took over it became a prison. By now the fort has fallen into decay and it has just been remained as a silent ruin.

Also you would be amazed to see the Gyrocarpus Americanus Tree without the leaves depicted in the picture 3 inside this fort.

So if you are visiting the Yadagirigutta temple then be sure to check out this fort if you get the time.

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