British ResidencyBritish Residency is a marvelous palace to live which was gifted to the Achilles Kirpatrick the British ambassador. It’s located in Hyderabad, India in a famous and known locality called Koti. Now this place is commonly referred as the famous Osmania Women’s College, King Kothi. It’s more than like a villa than a palace.

The Nizam almost ruled the south India for a brief period until the Indian Independence. This was the place where the British Ambassador in the 18th century Nizam’s court used to stay. This masterpiece was constructed by a young engineer who hailed from Madras (now Chennia).  There was a romantic story behind this palace. He felt in love with the beauty of Khairunissa, the lovely daughter of Nawab Mahmood Ali. This news unpleased the Governor General but Achilles Kirpatrick secretly embraced Islam and also married the princess. The Nizam then treated him like a son and constructed this grand mansion for the couple. This palace is the most splendid pieces of colonial architecture. The beautiful was the time for them; however it did last for two years only as James died suddenly in Calcutta and buried there. Her wife was left with two children and they both were sent to England. The princess too shortly died after the yearning for Achilles.

British Residency British Residency

British Residency lies on the northern banks of River Musi and it’s among the last standing monument of Anglo Indian architecture in the country. As soon as you see this, you would see an imposing entrance with grand latticed corridors. It would be having a grand durbar hall and a staircase that continues into two graceful sweeps. This residency is now used by Osmania Women’s College for girls with a huge area under its belt.

To reach British Residency is quite easy. You need to reach Koti Bus Stop and on the left side of it, Osmania Women’s college would be located. Famously its known as the Women’s College Bus Stop.

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