KarvachauthKarvachauth is celebrated on the fourth day of full moon of Karthikh month according to Hindu calender which comes in the month of October and November. In exact condidence its celebrated 9 days before the famous festival of Diwali.

The Karvachauth is performed by Hindu womens as they undertake fast on that day without drinking even water or eating anything seeking the welfare, longevity of her husband. The Karvachauth is mostly celebrated on high grand mostly by the North India community and others in light numbers in Hyderabad.

There are around four different stories and legends revolving around why people celebrated Karvachauth and where does this tradition comes from. The preparations of Karvachauth by womens beings a week earlier in advance so as they are prepared on time.

On this day since morning womes are busy before sunrise.

On September - 28 - 2014

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