Musi RiverMusi River is the tributary of River Krishna located in Deccan region of Andhra Pradesh state of India. Through its major portion it follows through Hyderabad, India. This river divides the historic old city with the new city. Across the river during the history of Hyderabad, there were two dams constructed on it Himayat Sagar and the Osman Sagar. The reason for the construction of those dams was to supply water for the source of drinking and for irrigation during the times of Nizam Kings, but as the population of Hyderabad increased drastically after it became state capital Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar both were turned as the point of interest by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department.

Musi River is also known by its name Muchukunda River but nobody uses it now or they are aware of it as it was its old name. Musi River originates in Anantgiri Hills near Vikarabad, Ranga Reddy district. It is at a distance of 90 kilometers from the Hyderabad. From the originating it passes through Markapur, Darsi, the northern border of Podili, Kondepi, Koru Uppalapadu, Tangutur, Gajjaleru, Dondaleru, and Atleru and finally joins Krishna river at Wazirabad in Nalgonda district. It has a total length of 250 kms and it passes through Hyderabad & Secunderabad twin city too.

As it passes through Hyderabad city there were a lot of bridges constructed on it. The oldest bridge being Purana Pul which was built during the Qutb Shahi sultans of Golconda in 16th century. Also Naya Pul was constructed during the times of Nizam Kings in early 19th century which is located near High Court. There were other bridges located in Amberpet, Chaderghat, Uppal and Dabirpura being constructed.

Musi River view Musi River Musi River

Musi River has claimed many lives during the floods in the early decades of 20th century. In 1908 Hyderabad witnessed floods of River Musi which claimed several lives of the people living in Hyderabad. The development of Musi River in the twin cities then began soon after these floods. Seeing this dam was constructed in 1920 and it’s the famous Osman Sagar dam. Another reservoir was built and it was famous Himayat Sagar. Those two dams served as prevention during the time of floods.

The condition of Musi River in Hyderabad is two worst as it’s more often used as source of outlet for drainage and a lot of garbage is dumped into to it. According to the statistics it’s estimated that more than 400 Million Litres a Day of polluted water and sewage is originated from the twin cities into the river. The river though it should have represent the history like River Thames in England & Hooghly River in Kolkatta but now looked as the major disaster in Hyderabad.

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