Saroornagar ParkPriyaDarshini Park is located adjacent to Saroornagar Lake in Hyderabad, India.  Though PriyaDarshini Park is not an important point of interest to the visitors from outside of the state or cities, it has got a lot of visitors who stay in the near vicinity of the park to provide a beautiful evening walk and nature touch from the busy city life. PriyaDarshini Lake is also known by its name Saroornagar Park as its located close to Saroornagar Lake and it’s also fall in the demographic of Saroornagar. People also refer this by the name Mini Tank Bund as it replicates Lumini Park and Hussain Sagar. This park is in existence since 2006.

PriyaDarshini Park is spread over an area of 5 acres near to Saroornagar Lake and it’s located on Gaddianaram to LB Nagar connecting road. As you know the Saroornagar lake is a man-made lake spread over an area of 180 acres which was constructed in 1626 for the purpose of drinking water storage and for agricultural needs to the farmers.

Saroornagar Park Saroornagar Park Saroornagar Park Saroornagar Park Saroornagar Park

This park has got a lot of features like landscapes which was amazing to see and pass by, sculptures of different varieties but not too many, lawns for the people to sit and relax, a variety of gardens spread on a small areas. Just at the northern end of the park there still exists water sewerage treatment plant in order to purify the water of Saroornagar Lake. If it’s a lovely day, I would prefer to have self-paddle boat which can be used for 20 minutes to enjoy the lake but mechanized boat and speedy boats are just take a round at the lake within 10 minutes. You would see a Que in the evening hours here for the eager people to take a ride.

It also features a small children park with equipment’s like A to B climber, Rocket Elephant, Climber, SeeSaw, Kinder garden, SS Slide, Merry Go Round, Jungle Jim and Swing. Apart from that it has got a lovely canteen with food like cool drinks, chips and a little of bakery items.

It was also got boating facility with self-paddle boat priced at Rs 25 per head, mechanized boats priced at Rs 30 per head and speedy boat priced at Rs 50 per head. This has been the recent addition along with ‘Giri Cricket Championship’ in which you would be provided to bat for three overs through self-bowling machines with a price of Rs 30 per head. If you score well then there was some surprise gifts for you but those score can be beaten.

PriyaDarshini Park Timings

With an entry fee of Rs 5 per head you can enjoy the beautiful lake side view through the PriyaDarshini Park. It is open from 9 Am to 12 Pm in the morning and from 4 Pm to 8 Pm in the evening on weekdays. On weekend it’s open from 9 Am to 12 Pm in the morning and from 3 Pm to 9 Pm in the evening.

To sum it up, Saroornagar Park or Priyadarshini Park it’s a perfect choice for a quick visit for the people who want to have a lovely evening in the near vicinity.

On June - 4 - 2014

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