Sardar MahalSardar Mahal is presently a museum located in Hyderabad in and around locality of Charminar. Sardar Mahal was built in European style of architecture. It was built for Sardar Begum, one of the wife of Nizam VI Mir Mahboob Ali Khan in the year 1900. The king named it on her name and so its called as Sardar Begum.

But unlikely Sardar Begum didn’t like the construction and she never stayed here. The Sardar Begum on her visit to this palace, spotted a monitor lizard and was seen on its premises which is considered a bad omen. This palace along with Saifabad palace was never been occupied. But people started referring it with her name. When Nizam rule came to an end the Sardar Mahal was already pending with property tax to be paid by Nizams but they didn’t do and in 1965 this heritage building became the house of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation south wind office.

In 2008, the department of tourism passed the judgement to convert this building into a heritage museum.  The Sardar Mahal was declared as a Heritage site by Heritage Conservation Committee and Intach in 2008.

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