St Josephs cathedralSt. Joseph’s Cathedral is the names of the cathedral churches which are named for Saint Joseph. St. Joseph’s Cathedral is located in Gun Foundry are of Hyderabad and it’s one of the must see cathedrals of Saint Joseph in India.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral is dated back 115 years and was constructed in European architecture in 1870. Being a part of this Hyderabad which has seen a rapid development since its construction over the years but this cathedral has not witness major development changes by itself. One of the best, I should say the only thing to watch out in this church is 6 bells which are specially brought from Milan, Italy and was incorporated in the year 1892. These bells help this place to make people feel its presence amid of noisy city around it. These bells are the indicators of approaching disasters and storms to warn people. In olden days when there were no watches, these bells were run to indicate the time. These bells are so placed that a number of hymns can be played on it.

St Josephs cathedralThe center hall of this church can accommodate nearly 500 people. In the hall if you are looking for tall steeples glass windows on the either side then you would be disappointed as it doesn’t have any.  The Christians are seen paying homage to the tombs of 3 priests namely Fr. Malbreti, Caprotti and Vismara. Fr. Malbreti was the man who constructed this cathedral with pride. He loved the church so much that he chooses to entomb here much than their prevailing trend of being interred in Rome or Milan. Caprotti was the messenger of Resident Bishop who died elsewhere but his mortals remains were buried here. Messenger Vismara was the longest serving Bishop and was the most loved Father of Hyderabad who too was laid here.

This cathedral was also visiting by most notable person of his time Mir Osman Ali Khan who regularly visited especially for Midnight Mass along with the regular visitors. St. Joseph’s Cathedral receives the largest turn out of people especially non-Christian devotees during the time of Christmas. So the best time to visit the Church is during the Christmas and the Good Friday every year.

The cathedral is open from 5.30 Am till 7 PM in the evening. Regular Mass is held at 6 Am and 6 Pm. And on Sundays the church opens at 6.30 Am till 9:15 Pm. The closest bus stop is Abids and the closest MMTS station is Nampally. Its well connected with a number of APSRTC buses or you can take the auto ricksaw any time.

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