Toli MasjidOne of the most beautiful and the oldest monument to watch out for is Mecca Masjid though Toli Masjid can also be a place to watch out for. Toli Masjid is rare point of interest and has mostly Muslim visitors because it’s a religious place. Sultan Abdullah built it in the year 1671 by architect Musa Khan.

Toli Masjid is one of the old mosque and rare religious monument for Muslims. Toli Masjid is constructed in Qutub Shahi style of architecture as it was constructed during the rule of Qutub Shahs. As at the times Indo-Islamic style was famous, so it was constructed in a mix style of Indo Islamic and Qutub Shahi style. Toli Masjid is located at Karvan near the Purana Pul bridge which was constructed during the same time. It’s also known by its other name as Damdi Masjid

The holy shrine of this mosque was further divided into two halls comprising five-arched opening at the outer side and inner section has three arched openings. As you enter the mosque you will see the unique designs of miniature arches which have perforated screens at the top portion of the shrine. When you have the look at designs of the prayer hall inscription you would understand the creativity of Musa Khan. While Musa Khan was building Mecca Masjid, it was his duty to look after both the project at the same time.

So if you are in the quest of Indo-Islamic style of architecture monuments in Hyderabad then this is the mosque you should visit. To sum it up, Toli Masjid is the rare mosque in Hyderabad which is known by quite a few people but mention it, its one of the oldest mosque in Hyderabad. Its located in Karvan area near the Purana Pul and has a well connectivity by trains and APSRTC bus services.

On December - 3 - 2014

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